Man consists of body and soul. These two components are fundamentally linked. Any attempt on our part to address them separately is ill-conceived and leads to poor results. Body and soul are one and work best when in sync. So I invite you to explore this website to see how they can work together and how this can help you lead a beautiful life.

In my view Cosmic Energy Healing is one of the most powerful energy systems available to us today. It can help heal most body and spirit causes of disease.  When used correctly and by experienced healers Cosmic Energy Healing can really help us on our road to regaining our health, beauty and happiness.

Alkaline Diet is a powerful ally in our quest for healthy living. It supports our body in its effort to deal with both major and minor health issues. Cosmic Energy Healing is a non-intervention technique that stays clear of any medicine. In a way, alkaline foods provide this “medicine” that supports our system in the healing process in an gentle yet delicious way.

You can start this fast and effective therapeutic programme today. You can choose to either work with both systems together or concentrate on one of them, what ever suits your needs best. In either case you can experience big changes in your life. We invite you to take this journey with us today.

In the 5-minute video below Mary discuss Cosmic Energy Healing . Enjoy


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  • I suffered from vertigo for two years. The doctors told they were not going away, I’d better get used to them and they subscribed heavy medication. I’m incredibly grateful from the bottom of my heart to Mary Markou who through Cosmic Energy Healing helped me get rid of my vertigo completely. My life without vertigo is beautiful. Thank you Mary Markou.
    Georgia S, Optician
  • Over the past 10 years, I have been suffering from neck and back pain resulting in frequent and severe headaches. I started energy sessions with Mary without expecting much … I was quite hesitant… But I felt much better in just ten days…. Cosmic Energy Healing has helped me a great deal. I highly recommend it … and my healer, Mary Markou, to whom I owe a great deal and recommend unequivocally
    A.B. Hotelier