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Cosmic Energy Healing is a modern alternative science




Hippocrates, the first western doctor, said “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”




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In accordance with the definition set out in the constitution of the World Health Organization (1946), ” Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” So, the concept of health is not only attributable to medicine, but also to other factors such as
environment, economy, work, etc.

Cosmic Energy Healing is the only system in the world which combines energy therapy, holistic medicine and psychology.

Humans consist of matter and spirit. These two components are inextricably linked together.
It is erroneous to try to “read” them separately as the two are interconnecting vessels seeking understanding, acceptance and love.

Cosmic Energy Healing is perhaps the most powerful holistic energy healing system known today.
It is conducive in overcoming all the spiritual and mental causes which lead to mental dysfunctions and physical diseases.
Cosmic Energy Healing ensures health beauty and happiness.

The Alkaline Diet for its part is the most powerful ally in the prevention and elimination of illnesses already present in the body caused by oxidation, both from the long-term intake of processed foods and from the environment.

Cosmic Energy Healing is both transcendent energy and a scientific method that does not use medication. Alkaline Nutrition plays the role of “medication” in the easiest and most delicious way.

Just follow a short and very simple therapeutic program by selecting either or both systems and witness a radical change to the better in your life!

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Testimonials about Cosmic Energy Healing

In Spring 2008, I met Mary Markou, Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing and the method of Cosmic Energy Healing. Luckily for me because at some point my health was shaken by a crisis of Dizziness. I suffered for two whole years. Tragic!!!

Doctors’ opinion – since they could not find the source, they told me that I was now “lumbered with ” it. The treatment according to doctors – very powerful drugs which can only be prescribed by a Psychiatrist.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Mary Markou, who, with your Cosmic Energy Healing made this problem literally disappear!

My life is now beautiful as a have been freed from that nightmare. I live every day to the full, without fear and insecurity of ever reliving it!

Thank you Mary Markou!

Ms. S. Georgia, Optician