My Little Story

Back in April 2005 I had a very rewarding career in the media industry where I worked as a voice over artist and felt deeply satisfied about it. My personal life was a different story. I was recovering from an eventful break up from a person I actually thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I had thrown myself at work and at least I was doing well there. So I kept saying to myself. No reason to grieve for the break up, my career is doing great so all is well. But I wasn’t really dealing with my emotions.

It was 9:00 in the morning and I had just brewed a cup of coffee. (I used to smoke and drink coffee back then) while I was getting ready for a busy day around the sound studios of Athens. I checked my diary; the first appointment of the day was a Voice Over for Cosmopolitan Magazine. I lit a cigarette and bent towards the small lounge-table, stretching my hand to drink some of my coffee…..but oops! What just happened? I simply couldn’t move…I was stuck there motionless and in pain. In my whole life I had never felt such pain.  How could my back be killing me with no warning and no previous issues? A few moments later I managed to pull myself together and brushed it off. It was just a glitch I thought and I left for work.

However, as time went by the pain was getting worse.

Now in the booth room, script in hand and getting ready for the recording, the pain was getting out of hand. With every breath the pain seemed to get more intense.  I couldn’t say a word. The sound editor clocked immediately that something was wrong and started asking questions.

– Do you realize, he said, that you won’t be able to record in this state?

– I know but what can I do to fix it? It was meant to be a rhetorical question but the sound editor said:

– I can! Come here for a second.

– Please don’t even try to massage me; you’ll only make it worse.

– Stop moaning and come over here. I’ll help you.

And so he did. George made me stand straight in front of him but facing away from him. Then he placed his palm near my waist, but he didn’t touch me. The distance of his hand from my waist was around 10 cm……and suddenly I started feeling an intense heat on my back. I couldn’t believe it. I realised at that precise moment that I was experiencing something powerful.

Could it be true, I was thinking, that the basic human need for fast healing actually exists?

This procedure didn’t last for more than 3-4 minutes. 10 – 15 minutes later my pain was almost gone. In fact, I delivered one of my best script performances. I was filled with joy and awe at the same time.  When I finished the recording I went straight to George, the sound editor. I needed some answers. Our dear George, the sound editor and brilliant DJ whose parties were the talk of the town, appeared to possess a powerful healing secret

– Please, reveal your secret now! What did you do to me?

– Reiki. That’s what I did, George said.

- Reiki? I’ve never heard of it before. I had a long list of questions: What exactly is it? Can I learn how to do it? How does it work? Where can I find out more? He explained a few things but said that really this is something you need to experience to fully understand it.

Within a month I took my 1st degree in Reiki and so my journey began! I took the plunge from the outset. I realised that everything I’d known till then had been overturned. In fact, what I was now discovering was always there but billions of people, including me didn’t know it. We pretended to be clever, to have understood everything. I must admit that I was totally socked!

Now what I was going to do? How would I deal with all these that were inside me? What about the world around me? What about me? Would I lose my friends, would I lose my job? If I talked about this, would they think that I am crazy?

All the other people used to have different beliefs about life. A long time later I learned what Einstein used to believe about madness. That is, mad is not the one that disagrees with the majority of people but the one that does always the same things and expects a different result! I breathed a sigh of relief, even much later!

When I took the first degree in Reiki I started working as a therapist. This fact and my endless dealing with the internal research (meditations, spiritual groups, research and reading), brought me very quickly to the second degree and to the decision that perhaps that was the way of my life.

I started believing that man consists of two parts. Its physical body (shape) but also the energy one (chakra and aura). These two parts are interconnected and are set apart only by the natural shade of the universe.

The physical body is of course what we see and recognise with the specific biological functions. The energy body is where all the information that concerns our life is recorded. They work together as a perfect computer, by exchanging information every second. As we see, the cause of everything that happens in the natural as well as the spiritual world lies hidden in our energy field. If we want to change something we should intervene there.

I once read the following: “Everything that happens to us comes because we have to learn something not to do something’’. So, I quickly started looking for new methods, more powerful and simple, faster and more effective.

After having taken the second degree in Reiki and having worked with plenty of people as well as with myself, I started thinking that the system was a bit tough when it gave therapeutic crisis and a bit slow in relation to the awareness that I was seeking.

After a month I decided to use Feng shui for the first time at home. A friend of mine proposed to me a young lady from Serbia, that she was very good at this. Very soon, a beautiful tall blond lady changed the whole spatial decoration of my house.

-So, you are a Reiki therapist, she told me.

-Basically, I work as an actor over voice at the TV and radio, as I didn’t want to talk so much about this side of me. I do it as an amateur.

-Personally, I work as a cosmic energy therapist. If you like come at my place to have a try.

“Let’s leave it” I answered, I prefer not to mix things up… but within 15 days 5-6 people, including me, were moving under the power of cosmic frequencies… at her place!!

A new journey was starting for me! I immediately started my studies. Now things weren’t as simple as they were in Reiki, I had to study and exercise a lot. Its roots were in Tibet but the long remaining in Russians transformed it into a new science that has its basis in Quantum Physics.

I picked a Russian teacher and I dwelled on the higher, subtle, spiritual worlds, the hierarchic systems, the energy information exchange and on several truly miraculous tricks of the Universe. Then, a new need was born.

However, what about those people that don’t have time to attend this system but they want something very effective. I was feeling that there was again a small obstacle between me and my need to offer a possible solution to somebody that needed it.

“If you ask for something you will be given’’

Now I knew very well what I was going to do.

How there could be no obstacle during the applying of the energy technique? Very soon, my best friend and psychologist, Angelina steamed in my house and started presented with great enthusiasm a video with the American Eric Pearl. Reconnection was the title and there I discovered what I was looking for in order to be highly effective. What followed was very simple. A journey to Prague and a professional competence from Pearl himself filled my quiver.

For the time being I am asking for sufficient value, the continuous application of my knowledge and a little trip.