Alkaline Nutrition

Alkaline Nutrition

Hippocrates was the first doctor in the West who recognised that “food is our medicine”.

Food not only provides nourishment that gives us a health mind and body but it should be able to help us heal when we are unwell. Alkaline Nutrition is a system of nourishment that offers us health, beauty, longevity even help us heal.

When our ph is alkaline, 7,365 then we can safely say that this person is following an alkaline Nutrition. They are choosing foods that produces alkalinity rather than acidity in their system.

Calory counting and quantities of food are not part of this system. The type of food we eat and how they are combined is essential for maintaining alkalinity in our blood. This results in a strong immune system which offers great protection against disease.

The system we’ve put together works on its own and for even greater results it’s best combine with Cosmic energy Healing. We prefer to look at this as a way of life rather than just another diet. Our system consists of a support programme which you can either follow yourself or you can opt for one-to-one support. Our chef has developed a number of recipes that have been specifically designed to make it easy and fun to stay on the programme.

After following the alkaline programme you will soon notice the benefits. You will soon feel lighter not only in weight but also in your mood, more balanced both physically and emotionally. Your immune system will restore itself and will be able to better  protect you. Fear, anxiety and any negative emotions will ease as well. Alkaline Nutrition, followed correctly and over a period of time, has wonderful results that go beyond just losing weight.

We invite you to give it a go. Download our Quick Start Guide which includes information on Cosmic Energy as well as a quick start guide for alkaline Nutrition.


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