Where to Start

It is true that beginning an alkaline nutrition programme may seem a bit daunting. You have to learn a completely different way of thinking and understanding of the foods that really benefits you and not of what you thought had benefited you until now. Then, you’ll also need to organise your kitchen in a different way and start familiarising yourself with lots of new products and ingredients.



Start with five simple steps:

The first thing you have to do is to give yourself some time to adjust to the new facts. Read about all the new ingredients and start thinking in a new way about your eating patterns from now on. Don’t forget to visualize how beautiful your life can be.

Go to the shops. On a day that you’ll have time, take with you the list with the new ingredients and ask a good friend or relative if he could come with you to the shops. Go to the shops just like you would do if you wanted to buy a new jacket. Go to health food stores (mainly organic ones) and familiarise yourself with the products on the shelves. Talk to the experts in the store and ask them to recommend some good brands for you.

Make some room on your shelves. Open your cupboards and take out all the conventional products you used to use. Don’t throw them away just yet. You’ll probably still need them until you adjust yourself completely to the new products. Place your new ingredients in the cupboard and welcome the new and creative way of eating that starts for you now.

If the new nutrition patterns are completely different from what you have been used to, just take it easy. Choose three days of the week that it will be easier for you to follow the new alkaline nutrition. On the remaining 4 days of the week do whatever you have always done and eat as you previously used to. Keep yourself away from stress and don’t feel guilty if you don’t follow the new nutrition method right away. Remember to start off slowly towards this new direction. Start with small steps and soon they will become bigger ones. Even if you don’t manage to follow an alkaline nutrition every day, three days a week will benefit you greatly (144 days a year) and you’ll soon see noticeable results in your weight and overall health and mood.

For those of you that will follow daily the alkaline nutrition and for those that may wonder whether eating again ‘forbidden’ products is allowed, the answer is: why not? When the body is detoxified there is no problem consuming acidic foods from, time to time. Personally, whenever I crave foods that are “unfriendly” I do so without the slightest guilt. I just don’t do it every day!

I am Greek so I always have the option of the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine. I switch to the Mediterranean Diet a couple of times a year in order to have extra variety in my nutrition. Personally, I choose Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays for this switch (usually in August and while I’m on holidays on the beautiful Greek islands).


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