The First Steps

//The First Steps
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The First Steps

While it is true that following an Alkaline Nutrition requires quite some organization, don’t let this daunt you, the benefits far out way this.

First of all, you need to develop a completely new outlook on life and learn which foods are really good for you and reject those which are not, re-organize your kitchen and learn about products that you have not tried so far.

We Recommend These 5 Simple Steps:

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The first thing you should do is give yourself time to adapt to your new lifestyle. Read about the new ingredients and start thinking about how you are going to change your eating habits.

But don’t forget to imagine how beautiful your life is going to be as a result.

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Pick a day when you have time, and go shopping for your new ingredients, take a friend along with you if you wish. Shop as you would if you were going to buy a new jacket. When you get in the food shops (of mainly organic products) start by checking out what’s on the shelves. Get advice and suggestions on the best products on the market from the specialists in the shop.

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Make space on your shelves. Remove the conventional products you have used to date from your cupboards – do not throw them away just yet as you may need them at first, but only until you have gotten used to your new diet.

Replace the foods you took out with the new ones while happily dreaming about the new creative way of eating that you are about to begin.

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If your existing routine has been completely different from what we are recommending, don’t worry.

Choose 3 days of the week to make it easier for you to follow the Alkaline Nutrition program. For the other 4 days do what you always did. Avoid any anxiety and guilt that you are not doing it right. Remember that this little is still steering you in the right direction.

Start by taking small steps and they will soon become big ones. Even if you never manage to eat like this on a daily basis, these three days each week will still be massively beneficial to your body (144 days a year) and you will witness results in your weight, your general health and mood

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For those of you who manage to follow the alkaline diet every day, and are wondering if you will be able to eat “forbidden” foods ever again, the answer is: Yes, why not? When we detoxify our body, then consuming acidic foods from time to time is not a problem.
Personally, if I crave a food from the “unfriendly list”, I eat it without the slightest guilt.
I just do not do this every day.

As I am Greek, I always have the option of the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine which I change to at some periods of the year, so as to have variety. Personally, I usually choose to do this at Christmas, Easter and in August while holidaying in the stunning Greek islands.