The effects of Stress and Anxiety on bodies and our main organs:

  1. Cardiovascular System

Our cardiovascular system, comprised of the heart and blood vessels, makes for a dangerous to our life, high probability target of chronic stress. Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for approximately 610.000 deaths per year in the United States. According to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.), they are the main reason of dying for men and women, while more and more research shows a direct link between cardiovascular disease and stress. Stess, especialy when combined with other hazardous habits (i.e. Smoking or alcohol), highly raises probability of such diseases.

  1. Nervous System

The brain and spinal cord comprise the main nervous system. The autonomous nervous system (ANS)  consists of the sympathetic (SNS) and the parasympathetic (PNS) nervous systems and plays the most importart part in our body’s reaction to stress. When confronted with it, our brain activates its “fight or flight” function, releasing stress hormones, which in turn travel through our entire body. Our heart beats faster, breathing is more intense, blood vessels dilate etc. In short, chronic stress is hazardous to our brain. (more…)

Memory and its true lies

Why do we remember things? Simply because certain parts of our brain are charged with this mental function. However, our brain can not keep hold of the enormous amount of information. That’s why we forget things.

The weird thing about this, according to scientists, is that between these two very clear facts there is a grey zone, where false memories are created. This procedure might be regarding something simple or even cute; we are almost certain for example, that we went to that friend’s teenage party, when in reality we were sick and stayed in but learned what happened at the party from our peers. It might even be something more complex, a scene that we are sure that we’ve experienced but we were never there.  (more…)

Food molecules act like hormones, regulating body functions and activating cellular division. These molecules can cause lots of miscellaneous and intense psychological imbalances or disturbances, which range from lack of focus and hypersensitivity to more serious psychological diseases.

The biggest problem is that we have no knowledge of the exact molecules, which kinds of food contain them or what each of them actually causes. Another problem, even a bigger one maybe, is that the substance and consistency of genetically modified food products can be radically alternated without us knowing.  (more…)

1. Don’t think too much; it consumes energy. Too much thinking may make you look old.

2. Don’t talk much; most people either speak words or act. Better act.

3. While at work, take a 10 minute break for every 40 minutes of work. Looking at something for long can be hazardous to your eyes, your health and your peace of mind.

4. When feeling excited or happy, keep your excitement or joy at a certain level. Otherwise you might lose control, which could do harm to your breathing and lung function.


Cosmic Energy Healing

As the science of chemistry developed and gathered physical knowledge, unfortunately,  it focused completely on natural matter and forgot the old idea of a most distinctive element, that of ethereal or etheric.

In traditional Eastern thinking, various names have been given to the fifth etheric element-as Prana, Chi, and Mana – but it can be better understood if we call it vital energy or etheric energy. From the point of view of physics, the most inclusive term is etheric energy, which means a more subtle energy than electricity. (more…)

Pavlina Zenonos, Mary Markou and Cosmic Energy Healing welcomes you once again to the Mental Health Center for  Alternative  approaches in Limassol. (more…)

Replaced the phrase “heal traumas” and introduce the concept “solve the riddle”.
Given that traumas are nothing more than a misunderstanding that happened in the past, there is no need to look for a cure to heal traumas, but to search for that memory or realization that will solve the mystery.

When we refer to the past, it may very well be about a past life and quite often, it may even not be about our past life at all. It may be about the past life of someone else for whom we have taken the responsibility. Our subconscious weighs heavily on every day that dawns on us and defines to great extend how our lives will develop. (more…)

Who is raising our children?

Modern societies are filled with people that have psychological “issues”.

The bigger the city and the bigger the land the people live in, the bigger these “issues” are.
The answer to why this is happening is very simple. The first bond and the first contact we have with ourselves and with the world around us are through our mother.

Breastfeeding, hugs, protection, sweetness, careful selection of food, the time our mother dedicates to us, are the most important elements that will determine who we are in our adult lives. (more…)