A fairytale for a good health.

Once a man whose right hand was paralyzed came to out monastery. The Teacher asked him what he used to do with his right hand. After pausing for a few moments, he said, ” I used my right hand to slaughter bulls and sheep for many years”.
“How many did you slaughter”? asked the Teacher?
I did not hear the rest of the conversation because suddenly the dinner bell rang. Later I asked the Teacher how slaughtering animals could paralyze someone’s arm. He said, “Every time that man felt the pain and suffering of the animals, the life-giving energy decreased in the arms, and it eventually disappeared. Lack of joy causes paralysis.
In such a sophisticated age, people may laugh at this statement and consider this a superstition. But my Teacher healed that man’s paralysis in six months by daily for four hours making him exercise joy. Once I copied one of the exercises:
“Visualize your right arm,and with it pull a drowning man from a river….Write a joyful letter with it…..Give money and jewels to the poor with it…..Serve food for hundreds of people with it…..”
This man used to sit like a statue and follow the Exercises given by my Teacher for four hours daily.At the end of four months, he used that hand to give water to a mountain deer which was visiting our garden.

-Torkom Saraydarian, Joy and Healing

All creation begins with a thought. When we become aware that we don’t have something we want, we naturally experience the emotion of lack from not having what we desire. This is how we begin creating through our imagination. It is our natural, innate propensity to be creators at play. The more we think about these things and imagine what it would be like to have them, the more our brain naturally starts creating pictures and images of what our future could look like. This is what it means to dream the dream of the future.

This process begins in the frontal lobe—the brain’s creative center. When it switches on, it begins recruiting circuits in the rest of the brain that are related to things we’ve learned and/or experienced in our lives. As a result, our brain begins firing in new sequences, patterns, and combinations. Each time we do this we’re not only changing our mind—because the mind is the brain in action—but we’re beginning to change our brain.

If we keep thinking about making that future become a reality, we naturally begin to insert ourselves into the scene of our future. According to research on mental rehearsal, once we immerse ourselves in that scene, changes begin to take place in our brain. Therefore each time we do this, we’re laying down new neurological tracks (in the present moment) that literally change our brain to look like the brain of our future. In other words, the brain starts to look like the future we want to create has already happened.

If we are truly engaged in this process with passion, we might begin to emotionally experience our future through thought alone. In fact, when we are feeling the emotions of our future—whether that’s gratitude, joy, freedom, abundance, enthusiasm, love, and so on—the creative thoughts in your mind can become the experience. As the body receives the chemical signals of these emotions, essentially the body is receiving the signal that the event has already occurred. If the latest research on epigenetics tells us that the environment signals the gene, and the end product from an experience in the environment is an emotion, as we embrace the emotion ahead of the environment, we are signaling the gene ahead of the environment.

Since genes make proteins and proteins are responsible for the structure and function of the body, if it’s done properly we reap the physical results of these actions and begin to embody our future before it’s made manifest. In a sense, we are biologically wearing our dream.

No matter what we’re trying to create in our lives, whether it’s a relationship, a job, a house, health, a calm mind, or a peaceful heart, in thinking about those things and desiring them, we may know what we want in thought, however many times we experience the emotion of lack in the way we feel. That’s because we’re conditioned to live in a 3D world and we want immediate gratification or relief from that lack. In other words, if we don’t get what we want right away, the lack from not experiencing it with our senses reinforces the absence of not having it.

Here-in lies our biggest challenge as creators. The lack we live by each day when we notice it hasn’t happened yet causes us to feel separate from our dreams and we no longer believe in our future any longer. That’s because we are back in the emotions of our past—and we can’t see our future through the window of our past. When we live in lack while we are still creating our future, over time we stop creating and wait for something outside of us to take away the lack we feel inside of us. But it is the lack that is keeping our dreams at arm’s length in the first place.

But what if you lived by the emotions of your future every day? You would feel like your future has already happened and less likely to be separate from your dreams. That’s how we believe in a future we have not yet experienced with our senses, yet we keep it alive in our mind and body.

Dr Joe Dispenza


Meditation is for sane and healthy people. Each person who wants to practice meditation must try to purify his whole nature because whatever glamors, illusions, negative feelings, bad intentions, and low motives exist in him will be stimulated by meditation. A person must first purify himself, then invoke energy through meditation and proceed slowly, observing the results.

Sometimes when people begin to practice meditation, they become worse than before. Hidden “germs” and “weeds” in their physical, emotional, and mental natures receive fresh nourishment from the energy of meditation and thrive. An intelligent person will be very careful in his practice of meditation and take caution to release only as much energy as can be controlled and rightly used.

-Torkom Saraydarian

Does equality really exist?

For about ten years I have studied a completely unknown and, for many, incomprehensible science; the science of Cosmic Energy Healing. A healing system, originated in Russia, that works exclusively with the laws of quantum physics and the ability from our side to handle fields that exist outside of space and time. I have recently read an article on equality between people and among other things I have also read the following:

“After the failure of the Russian experiment and all of its influential countries and large masses of people, the whole philosophy of successful psychopaths (which with various scientifically-known titles of communistic ideology still manages to move people), just contains idiotic utopias. All of this is built on the belief of equality between people while the whole nature is UNEVEN”. Of course, nature also seems to be uneven. Not even our own fingers are straight. But is equality really what is asked for here? If our fingers were actually straight, would they serve us in the known way? Not sure.

The great truth is that almost the first thing that the Russians taught us, was EXACTLY THAT. They declared it, admitted it and scientifically proved it. “We have failed”, they said, “Because we assumed, not only that everyone was equal, but also the same. We have done so to support the theory of equality”. Besides, let’s not go too far. The kings once thought in the opposite way.

That is, not all people are equal or the same, not even between themselves and this is the reason why they married each other with enormous failure, as this reasoning has proven over time. Finally, are we all equal? Are we all the same? Or are we not? I come back to the Russians who also taught us a very important natural and universal law. If, for example, you hit a tuning that is tuned to 400 HZ and if there is another one right next to it, it will also begin to wave at the same frequency, only if it is tuned to the same or nearby frequency. Otherwise it will just stand still right next to the other. According to the example, it is not a matter of equality but rather a matter of vibration.

People either meet or not, match or not match, agree or disagree, like each other or not, depending on the level of their mental and spiritual vibration and not because of political, social or religious equality or inequality. Due to common or close mental and spiritual characteristics, they feel a sense of closeness and security. Birds of a feather flock together.

Nowadays, many people fear that humanity is falling away because people of a lower spiritual or mental state that try to impose their troubled lives and their views on the healthy part of society, increasingly gain ground.

It is true that there is great confusion in the air, and that also great distortion and suspicion found ground around the name of a poorly favored democracy.
Mary Markou

In this materialistic society, women think that they have to go out, find a husband and get married. If you take a little deeper look at it, this is completely wrong. Men are the ones supposed to get out there and look for decent women. When a woman is a magnet of light and beauty and radiates her good values, then the right man with the correspondent frequency will be attracted to her at the right time. If a woman goes out there looking for a man, she might as well find the right one, but only after she has “found” another 20 men along the way. The safest thing to do is keep waiting for the right man to come to her.

A woman should maintain her dignity, beauty and pureness and should develop her magnetism in a way that she will attract the right man to her. When a woman constantly improves her talents, spirituality, matureness, meditation and pureness then the right man will eventually find her.

Man – “hunting” creates a negative magnetism around the woman. On the other hand, not caring about men creates a positive magnetism. When women become obsessed about finding a man, they actually drive them away.

-Torkom Saraydarian

(Sex, Family and the Woman in Society).

“..There are not a few who explain all their infatuations as cosmic attractions. Is it possible to explain to these people that precisely the purity of their married life will bring them faster and closer to finding the kindred soul? If one were to tell them that during moral licentiousness twin-souls feel an especially sharp antagonism toward each other, they would not believe it and would become indignant. Whereas, only where there is purity of feeling are the most beautiful unions and best possibilities attainable. Owing to the moral degradation of contemporary humanity, a harmonious union is rarest of all, yet only then are the greatest achievements possible in all worlds.”
-Helena Roerich

As long as we have the need to asseverate, strike and make as much noise as we can in order to be heard or differentiated, it means that we still feel underestimated, hurt and cheerless. This is the reason why we make so much noise. Please forgive me for not following up with the idea of Feminism nowadays, but I personally feel equal with the whole male population of the planet.

I love and respect the whole civilized and thoughtful male population, and I simply ignore the existence of the ones that are closed-minded. Beyond myself, my partners in this feeling and this statement are, not only the millions of healthy men and women in this world, but also the Greek and European legislation (which was mainly composed and voted by men).

As a result then, my dear ladies of the Feminism movements, I keep my distance from all this. I strongly declare that I, of course, do feel equal to men, only that I am not the same as them. I am a woman. Female. I instinctively live and stick to my archetype model. I do not have the need to shout, asseverate or do any kind of majestic gesture in order to just continue being a woman. It comes out naturally. I do not have to make all this fuss just because the sun came out of the East for one more day.

Μary Markou

Health as a Term

The World Health Organization (WHO) defined human health in its broader sense as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

One of the fundamental principles of holistic medicine is that humans are not able to separate the physical well being from the emotional, mental and spiritual state of our existence.

When we have a physical disorder, our body sends out a message to make us look deeper into our thoughts and attitude and see what we can do in order to re-create natural harmony and balance.

When we are ill, we block the flow of vital energy in all levels of our existence. Illness is a warning coming from our bodies saying that we are doing something wrong.

It means that we are urged to change our thoughts and willfully chose to favor life, whatever this means.

Physical suffer is a strong sign that something in our consciousness is asking for us to acknowledge it and eventually change it, as illnesses are reflections of our own internal thoughts and emotions.

In other words, our body communicates with us. It is the mirror of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. It constantly talks to us and, the only thing we need to do is find the time and way to listen to it carefully.

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, has not been locating the illness on the organs. Instead, he believed that the patient consists of a psychosomatic entity and that the illness itself is a result of natural laws.