Garlic, apart from its use as a food ingredient, has many other uses for your health , home and garden.

1. For ear infection.

The ancient Egyptians used garlic for many medical purposes, like the Romans and the Greeks.
Combined with olive oil is an effective medicine for ear infection,
The ratio of garlic to olive oil is one clove of garlic finely chopped (preferably organic), in two tablespoons of olive oil.

Step one: Heat the oil in a small pot on medium-low heat and, once warmed, pour the garlic and lower the heat.
Keep on low heat for 20-30 minutes to get the healing properties of garlic in the oil. (more…)

I suggest a line of thoughts and reflections that might be able to help all of us.

Reflection one.

How many people do I need in my private life in order to be happy? 5? 10? Let’s say 15 and let’s involve some significant family members. All the rest that surround us, or we surround them, are probably for killing some time or fill our empty and insignificant lives.

Reflection Two.

If we eventually keep these 10-15 people in our lives, what’s the difference made?

  1. We regard the opinion of others less, as they don’t have any important role in our lives and more and know little about us
  2. We don’t feel guilt for them, that we somehow got involved in something and didn’t act right
  3. We have much more time to spend with those we have chosen
  4. New interests or hobbies that we can get involved with


It is known that on Earth there is an electromagnetic field all around it, and there are all known ideas, information and senses moving.

This kind of information comes from the thoughts,emotions and people’s actions,and constitutes an overall vibratory level similar to the pertinent information.

In order to be upgraded, it is necessary to change the information flowing to new, more subtle ones. People living on the planet constantly feed information and thoughts on their feelings and actions. The information is electromagnetically transmitted and is spread to their brains as an acceptable reality. This information is recycled and its basic points remain the same perhaps thousands of years. Even if there are 1000 people who somehow managed to think, feel and act differently, their vibratory power is not enough to spread to the morphogenetic grid and pass into people’s minds as new information. Christ’s advent on Earth was the New perceptual way for us. (more…)

Approximately 2000 years ago and just on the exhalation for the countdown regarding the measurement and the beginning of the program of decimation of the intelligent population,  a definitive interference took place.

It was decided by the hierarchy of extrapolating forces dealing with the galaxy, to be given a small period of grace, but at the same time an experiment could take place. If so, it is possible to note in such a small period of time a quantum leap of consciousness. For this exact purpose, they saw to send the necessary help. (more…)

We belong to a pan-universal  system which connects and moves in a synchronized evolution. The reason of existence of this creation is precisely this. The evolution in every possible direction. However, this does not mean that it is uncontrolled. Everything is linked between them, are subject to laws and evolve harmoniously through diversity, and vibratory compatibility. Every planet “means” annals evolutionary programs, which must be completed on specific timetables to continue their course, according to its type of construction but also a superior purpose, which is expressed through universal legislation. These programs concern the planet itself and every form of life, which is included in its information. (more…)

The effects of Stress and Anxiety on bodies and our main organs:

  1. Cardiovascular System

Our cardiovascular system, comprised of the heart and blood vessels, makes for a dangerous to our life, high probability target of chronic stress. Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for approximately 610.000 deaths per year in the United States. According to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.), they are the main reason of dying for men and women, while more and more research shows a direct link between cardiovascular disease and stress. Stess, especialy when combined with other hazardous habits (i.e. Smoking or alcohol), highly raises probability of such diseases.

  1. Nervous System

The brain and spinal cord comprise the main nervous system. The autonomous nervous system (ANS)  consists of the sympathetic (SNS) and the parasympathetic (PNS) nervous systems and plays the most importart part in our body’s reaction to stress. When confronted with it, our brain activates its “fight or flight” function, releasing stress hormones, which in turn travel through our entire body. Our heart beats faster, breathing is more intense, blood vessels dilate etc. In short, chronic stress is hazardous to our brain. (more…)

Memory and its true lies

Why do we remember things? Simply because certain parts of our brain are charged with this mental function. However, our brain can not keep hold of the enormous amount of information. That’s why we forget things.

The weird thing about this, according to scientists, is that between these two very clear facts there is a grey zone, where false memories are created. This procedure might be regarding something simple or even cute; we are almost certain for example, that we went to that friend’s teenage party, when in reality we were sick and stayed in but learned what happened at the party from our peers. It might even be something more complex, a scene that we are sure that we’ve experienced but we were never there.  (more…)

Food molecules act like hormones, regulating body functions and activating cellular division. These molecules can cause lots of miscellaneous and intense psychological imbalances or disturbances, which range from lack of focus and hypersensitivity to more serious psychological diseases.

The biggest problem is that we have no knowledge of the exact molecules, which kinds of food contain them or what each of them actually causes. Another problem, even a bigger one maybe, is that the substance and consistency of genetically modified food products can be radically alternated without us knowing.  (more…)