As long as we have the need to asseverate, strike and make as much noise as we can in order to be heard or differentiated, it means that we still feel underestimated, hurt and cheerless. This is the reason why we make so much noise. Please forgive me for not following up with the idea of Feminism nowadays, but I personally feel equal with the whole male population of the planet.

I love and respect the whole civilized and thoughtful male population, and I simply ignore the existence of the ones that are closed-minded. Beyond myself, my partners in this feeling and this statement are, not only the millions of healthy men and women in this world, but also the Greek and European legislation (which was mainly composed and voted by men).

As a result then, my dear ladies of the Feminism movements, I keep my distance from all this. I strongly declare that I, of course, do feel equal to men, only that I am not the same as them. I am a woman. Female. I instinctively live and stick to my archetype model. I do not have the need to shout, asseverate or do any kind of majestic gesture in order to just continue being a woman. It comes out naturally. I do not have to make all this fuss just because the sun came out of the East for one more day.

Μary Markou

Health as a Term

The World Health Organization (WHO) defined human health in its broader sense as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

One of the fundamental principles of holistic medicine is that humans are not able to separate the physical well being from the emotional, mental and spiritual state of our existence.

When we have a physical disorder, our body sends out a message to make us look deeper into our thoughts and attitude and see what we can do in order to re-create natural harmony and balance.

When we are ill, we block the flow of vital energy in all levels of our existence. Illness is a warning coming from our bodies saying that we are doing something wrong.

It means that we are urged to change our thoughts and willfully chose to favor life, whatever this means.

Physical suffer is a strong sign that something in our consciousness is asking for us to acknowledge it and eventually change it, as illnesses are reflections of our own internal thoughts and emotions.

In other words, our body communicates with us. It is the mirror of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. It constantly talks to us and, the only thing we need to do is find the time and way to listen to it carefully.

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, has not been locating the illness on the organs. Instead, he believed that the patient consists of a psychosomatic entity and that the illness itself is a result of natural laws.

Simplicity is happiness

I can become happy with the simplest and the smallest things.

With the most every day things of everyday.

It is enough for me that weeks have Sundays.

It is enough for me that years save their Christmases for the end.

That winters have snowy little houses made of stone.

That I know how to discover secret hideouts.

It is enough for me that I am being loved by four persons.

A lot.

It is enough for me that I love four persons.

A lot.

That I am spending my breaths just for them.

That I am not afraid to remember.

That I do not care to be remembered.

That I can still cry.

That there is music that fascinates me.

And senses that charm me.


Odysseas Elytis

Stop feeling misfit in your life


My father once said that those who do not fight against the conditions they live under, but instead try to respectfully improve them and appreciate the opportunity given to them, live longer and happier lives.

The restrictive conditions of life cannot go away by simply cursing them, neither by burying ourselves into sadness and anger. Instead, we can take advantage of those conditions in such a way, that we can make them the very same weapon that will destroy them.

Many people “eat” their lives by hating them, without taking any positive or smart actions in order to improve or change them.

Negative, full of guilt and hatred attitudes create poison in our system and prevents us from seeing the right way to change the conditions.

Torkom Saraydarian

Give love to your children

I have once read an article where the writer was giving out a series of detailed advice on how parents should talk to their children without hurting them.

I willingly read it, believing that I would find even more advice on spiritual empowerment as it unfolded.

In my great surprise though, I soon discovered that the writer was encouraging the parents to avoid using words such as “bravo”, “you are perfect” and “you made it”, claiming to be dangerous for the child’s brain.

Instead of using these words, the writer suggested a series of complex and difficult phrases that would suite better during a diplomatic dinner than a family full of love and respect.

As a mother and a holistic therapist, I find the article unworthy to the least. Clearly, whoever wrote this, is not a parent but more likely someone who copied the article out of a cheap lifestyle American magazine that desperately tries to fill its pages.

I strongly suggest you say “bravo” to your children. Tell them how amazing and perfect they are even if they do something wrong. Making mistakes is a necessary factor during a child’s learning process.

Tell them that even their mistakes are perfect because they made them with their own unique way! Talk to your children clearly, using known and specific words and, most importantly, talk to them from the bottom of your heart. This way your children will be able to identify and embrace the meaning of pure emotional truth. This will also help them develop a strong relationship with their own emotions as they grow. Do not treat them as if they are employees working at the Commission ready to be trained in order to become diplomats. Have some mercy.

Love is a spontaneous feeling. It does not work with weights and measures and it has nothing to do with mind – based combinations. It is not a mental function. It is an emotional one.

Additionally, the love we offer to others clearly depends on our very own emotional intelligence, which is defined not only by our childhood experiences, but also by the way we have encountered our traumas during adulthood.

In my opinion, articles like this one only refer to parents that want to manipulate their children through control and perfectionism.

What gives a child value is a hug, the patience to hear your child’s stories, the patience to answer all those “why’s’’ and endless questions and above all, all those beautiful words that humanity has been using throughout time in order to express specific meanings and emotions.

“I love you, bravo, that’s beautiful, that ‘s perfect, I am so glad to have such a great child like yourself, let me give you a hug”. Repeat to your child until these words are well absorbed and until they have encouraged the child to love itself deeply.

Only then will the child be happy and, eventually, make others around it happy as it grows up. It is always better to have something extra; if you feel it weighting on you, you just put it on the side relevantly easy. On the other hand though, if there is something missing, you constantly try to fill the gap. Love your children unconditionally and if one day they have a little extra love in their pockets, do not worry; they will eventually give some of it to someone else.

If you worry that your child might turn up selfish because of all the love, then also teach it logic, mindfulness, kindness, patience and ethics.

Speech and Health

There are many situations where you will have to learn how to remain silent. You have to learn how to speak only of what is essential. The level of your achievement and the essence of what you are, are the results of your own speech. Even your illnesses are connected to your speech.

In all spiritual education, speech is taken very much into consideration; correct speech, without any exaggerations. Even a word that is not used correctly can have a serious effect on your consciousness.

Speech is capable of creating a high vibration on your electromagnetic field. Therefore, incorrect speech (criticism, lying, hatred) can create stones in your electromagnetic field.

This is the reason why great teachers advice us to remain silent while we are ill, in order to allow ourselves to heal faster.

Every time you speak about the wrong things you distort the essence of your existence, exactly like someone runs into a concert room and starts banging on a barrel while the rest of the orchestra is playing. Every time you distort your existence, you lack of healthy.


Torkom Saraydarian

In my research I found out that the problems a person is having with other people are problems that he is having with his personality, with his body, emotions, and mind.

If you abuse your body, you abuse the bodies of others. If you abuse your feelings, you abuse the feelings of others. If you abuse your own mind, you abuse the minds of others. (more…)

Nine tips for life, by Louise Hay

1 Be prepared for love when it comes . Prepare the area and and get ready to feed your love. Be affectionate and you will be loved. Be open and receptive to love.

2. Self acceptance of the present is the key to positive changes in every aspect of you life. (more…)