Speech and Health

There are many situations where you will have to learn how to remain silent. You have to learn how to speak only of what is essential. The level of your achievement and the essence of what you are, are the results of your own speech. Even your illnesses are connected to your speech.

In all spiritual education, speech is taken very much into consideration; correct speech, without any exaggerations. Even a word that is not used correctly can have a serious effect on your consciousness.

Speech is capable of creating a high vibration on your electromagnetic field. Therefore, incorrect speech (criticism, lying, hatred) can create stones in your electromagnetic field.

This is the reason why great teachers advice us to remain silent while we are ill, in order to allow ourselves to heal faster.

Every time you speak about the wrong things you distort the essence of your existence, exactly like someone runs into a concert room and starts banging on a barrel while the rest of the orchestra is playing. Every time you distort your existence, you lack of healthy.


Torkom Saraydarian

In my research I found out that the problems a person is having with other people are problems that he is having with his personality, with his body, emotions, and mind.

If you abuse your body, you abuse the bodies of others. If you abuse your feelings, you abuse the feelings of others. If you abuse your own mind, you abuse the minds of others. (more…)

Nine tips for life, by Louise Hay

1 Be prepared for love when it comes . Prepare the area and and get ready to feed your love. Be affectionate and you will be loved. Be open and receptive to love.

2. Self acceptance of the present is the key to positive changes in every aspect of you life. (more…)


Meditation is for sane and healthy people. Each person who wants to practice meditation must try to purify his whole nature because whatever glamors, illusions, negative feelings, bad intentions, and low motives exist in him will be stimulated by meditation. (more…)

What is admiration?

Admiration is the art of seeing positive values to others and objects. Modern communication   means   are   directed   to   show   the   negativity   and   they transmitted it as well. This is the method that tries to destroy the miracle. It makes people deal with rubbish and develop anger, fear and hate. (more…)

11 Words to remember Louise Hay

1. Love is never outside us but within us.

2. In the vastness of life I am, everything is whole and complete. I mo longer choose to believe in old constraints and deficiencies, now I choose to see myself just like the universe sees me- perfect and complete.

3. We many not know how to forgive and many may not want to forgive. But from the moment we say we are willing to forgive, the healing process begins. (more…)

Self Spiritual Spirit

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Too many people are pushing the days to pass by. They wait to get their pension and then when they die to rest and be in peace. Truly sad.

When someone finds out that the main thing he thinks of is, what else could he explore, what new he could learn, what new adventure he could get into, usually the closest person next to him tries to prevent him. He wants to have a companion in his grief, in the fancy death waiting room where he is.  (more…)

The four demons of your minds

According to Machig Labdrön, Tse’s ascetic has to face four demons that are the functions of his false self.

The first one is the “Demon that Blocks Senses“.  When we immediately see something , a series of procedures is triggered. Various thoughts and memories of this subject come immediately to our minds. Thus, correlations, words and ideas, desires and judgments are created for this thing. So we lose the real perception of the object and cling to it. (more…)