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A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Too many people are pushing the days to pass by. They wait to get their pension and then when they die to rest and be in peace. Truly sad.

When someone finds out that the main thing he thinks of is, what else could he explore, what new he could learn, what new adventure he could get into, usually the closest person next to him tries to prevent him. He wants to have a companion in his grief, in the fancy death waiting room where he is.  (more…)

The four demons of your minds

According to Machig Labdrön, Tse’s ascetic has to face four demons that are the functions of his false self.

The first one is the “Demon that Blocks Senses“.  When we immediately see something , a series of procedures is triggered. Various thoughts and memories of this subject come immediately to our minds. Thus, correlations, words and ideas, desires and judgments are created for this thing. So we lose the real perception of the object and cling to it. (more…)

Let the planet heal you. Grounding

Below we will see the amazing properties of grounding in your health. A huge stream has been created worldwide and many scientific studies already confirm the miraculous benefits of this method.

It is the most simple, natural and inexpensive treatment. You do nothing but walk barefoot on Earth and let the planet will do the rest.. (more…)

You will read below some of the research results of dr. Hawkins. Keep them in mind as you contemplte your effect on Humanity, simply because of your presence on the highest levels of the scale that leads to the design.

  • A person who lives and vibrates in the energy of optimism and willingness not to judge others, will balance the negative energy of 90.000 people moving in the lower weakening levels.
  • A person living and vibrating in the energy of pure love and respect for every kind of life, will balance the negative energy of 750.000 people moving in the lower weakening levels.
  • A person living and vibrating in the energy of illumination, prosperity and endless peace will balance the negative energy of 10 million people (approximately 22 such wise people are alive today)
  • A person living and vibrating in the energy of grace, clear spirit which surpasses the body, in a world where no rationality exists or where pure energy exists, will balance the negative energy of 70 million people moving in the lower weakening levels (approximately 10 such wise men are alive today)


Despite the fact that simulation of time travel has been achieved using tiny quantum particles, it seems almost impossible for bigger particles or bodies.

One experiment carried out by scientists though has been able to prove the opposite.

Scientits from Queensland Univeristy have used photons to simulate quantum particle time travel. This research was published in Nature Communications with the title “Experimental Simulation of Closed timelike curves” (more…)

Loneliness or solitude?

People wrongly think that solitude is the same as loneliness, but this is not the case. Loneliness is a violent pain. Solitude is an opportunity for creation and advancement. Almost anyone can find out what this is, if every day they can have a little more time for themselves. From enjoying a good bath, to looking for the answer to a question that come to their minds. Remove three hours from the time that you would devote to relatives, friends, on TV and social media and you would be surprised to find out how much happier you will personally be. Or even as a good friend and family as well. (more…)

–  You cannot help someone who does not want to help himself. In the end, each soul has to go on its own way.

–  If you want to help someone, help him, show him love and care whenever and wherever you can. But be aware not to be seduced by his “story”.

–  Words can help you understand something, but only experience allows you to get to know something. And never let go your experience in order to listen someone else’s words. (more…)

Garlic, apart from its use as a food ingredient, has many other uses for your health , home and garden.

1. For ear infection.

The ancient Egyptians used garlic for many medical purposes, like the Romans and the Greeks.
Combined with olive oil is an effective medicine for ear infection,
The ratio of garlic to olive oil is one clove of garlic finely chopped (preferably organic), in two tablespoons of olive oil.

Step one: Heat the oil in a small pot on medium-low heat and, once warmed, pour the garlic and lower the heat.
Keep on low heat for 20-30 minutes to get the healing properties of garlic in the oil. (more…)