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"Spit it out"

Alkaline Nutrition

"A tale of global food hysteria!"


`Our food is our medicine`


Alkaline nutrition is, in reality, how most people used to eat before the `outbreak` of modern life and its attendant eating habits – and obesity is just one of 50 illnesses and conditions directly linked to our current eating habits.

Alternative therapist Mary Markou, specialist in the Cosmic Energy Healing method, takes us on a fascinating journey that reveals some surprising and little-known truths about nutrition and the food industry, while exploding some popular cultural myths about how we nourish ourselves. Her painstaking research shows that proper nutrition should not mean deprivation, nor involve difficult and complicated food preparation. In this book we discover how easy it is ro realign our attitudes to food and living, and transform our daily existence into one of health and well-being.

Chef Nikos Papaioannou, inspired by the whole concept of Alkaline nutrition, set to work and has created a 30-day program of 5 daily meals to initiate you into an experience that can change your life for the better. As Chef Nikos says: “Forget about fasting, forget about diets, forget about calories – just be properly informed about your food and, and enjoy it!”