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Cosmic Energy Healing

Cosmic Energy Healing is a modern alternative science.

Cosmic Energy Healing is the only scientific method that combines Energy Healing, Holistic Medicine and Psychology.
It is a modern alternative science that allows people to recognize and cure the cause of the malfunctions that occur, both mentally and physically. Hence, restoring the normal functioning of the organism as a whole: spiritually, mentally and physically.

With the aid of dozens of specific cosmic frequencies, within minutes, Cosmic-energy healing can balance the energy centers and the main energy pipeline in the spine. With this mechanism, the meridians are opened and cleansed, so that the healing proceeds to the organs to restore their proper function.

Then the entire electromagnetic field which surrounds every human being is fed with the frequencies on a case-by-case basis to bring about complete balance and restoration.

It is a revolutionary system based on the principles of Quantum Physics for its wave-like nature of particles and has the capacity to manage and even harness energy of matter. No medication is used, and no physical effort is required.

Today, we are in the fortunate position to be able to deal with any known illness or malfunction which does not require surgery or is, for example, let’s say an A&E emergency.
It can be used on anything from a common cold, gynecological issues and back pain to autoimmune diseases, such as lupus and multiple sclerosis.
Each case takes its own time to heal dependent on both the severity of the condition and temperament of each individual.

In addition, it can complement other methods that may already be being followed.

Cosmic Energy Healing does not stop at only restoring physical or mental health. It also creates a grid of protection against all negative influences and allows us to realize our goals with unique ease.
With its help and support it encourages us to take steps to live the life we deserve.

Progressor Mary Markou has been working as an energy healer since 2005, and Ms. Markou who became a Master in Cosmic Energy Healing in 2009 has been teaching the method as a Tutor since 2010 and has worked with thousands of people in order for them to overcome their problems.

Mary’s passion, dedication and confidence in the effectiveness of the method were ratified by her recognition as an Energy Healer and Tutor by the official BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association) as a Full Member.