Cosmic Energy

Cosmic Energy Healing

Cosmic Energy Healing is a non-invasive, drug-free, completely painless and pleasurable therapeutic method.

It is based on the premise that the human being consists of a physical, as well as a subtle energy body. These two bodies or fields are bound together and interact, and are unique to each person. Cosmic Energy Healing works exclusively on the energy body. It regards it as the carrier of information constituting our physical body and mind, which accommodates the causes of all somatic or psychological processes.

The Cosmic Energy healer is called to resonate with powerful energy frequencies (channels) and guide these energies to the healee, in order to clean and reform his energy body. The beneficial power of these channels instantly manifests on our body and psych, and becomes evident to us. For the completion of a therapeutic course, twelve sessions are ideally needed. Two to three sessions a week are recommended, so as to complete the course in no more than one to one and a half months. Following the completion of the course, a month’s interval is mandatory (of course this applies only to people who wish to attend more than one course).

The three first sessions (for a newcomer) are taking place without a laying-on of hands by the healer (i.e. the hands are not held near the body). This is important for the attainment of an effective and tranquil expansion and balancing of the energy system. From the fourth session onwards, the healer works on the chakras and bodily organs (whenever is necessary) with his hands. The session lasts for an hour, during which the healee stands in a relaxed posture with eyes shut, while there is always a chair beside him to use in case he feels tired.