The Base or Root Chakra


The Root chakra is closely related to our etheric body, which in turn is closely related to the biological and physical body. The etheric body deals with biological vitality, domination of our biological bodies and the sense of survival in the physical world. When we are biologically exhausted or even tense after physical effort, the Root chakra has the ability to feel that it has the need to charge or be revitalized.

In the emotional and mental levels of our evolution, the Root chakra puts across the personal will and the desire to take action and express ourselves in unique ways. If the Root chakra is blocked or inactive, we may perceive the world as threatening or unsafe, or we may not be able to express something that seems to be basic for our atomic nature.

In the spiritual level of development, the Base chakra can be expressed with the following yell: “The universe resounds with the joyful cry, I AM” (Sanscript). This is similar to the absolute and impulsive joy and pleasure that is experienced by a baby.

If we have deeply rooted beliefs such as, that we do not deserve to live, that there is no place for us in the Universe, or that in some way we cannot find and appreciate our uniqueness, then this can deactivate the Root chakra. “No less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here” (Desiderata).

The colour of the spectrum that is connected with the Base chakra is no other than the color red. It is an intense, concentrated vibration that increases vitality in the biological level. It also strengthens courage, desire and power in the emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Meaning: Biological vitality, basic will of existence.

Colour: Red

Note: C

Gland: Testicles or Adrenal gland, it depends on the conviction systems that are connected with our basic existence.

Location: The base of the spine, the pubic bone.

Positive “Mottoes” (confirmations)

  1. a) I honor the physical biological vitality of my body and I nurture it with wisdom.
  2. b) I am; and the world welcomes me.
  3. c) I live with courage by taking action to express my existence.

The Sacral Chakra (Joy)


In the traditional system of yoga regarding the chakras, the second chakra is located two or three inches below the navel. Some Western systems claim that this chakra is in the spleen area. From our experience, the energies of these two body regions are closely connected, so this is the reason we talk about them as if they are one chakra. This chakra is particularly connected with the subtle etheric and emotional bodies. The first step in life is to consolidate the sense of existence (biological/ etheric level). Then we stand outside and try to connect with others and determine who we are in the level of sense in a relationship (emotional level).

In the biological level of evolution, the second chakra deals with the assimilation and release (letting go). In addition, this chakra helps us explore our biological senses and the aesthetic pleasures of our biological world. The deactivation of this chakra is usually caused when our senses are over satisfied. Unbalanced nutrition, drinking and sexual habits are often emerging due to our need for safety – and our incompetency to “let go” (open up). In conclusion, in the biological level we have to learn what balance means.

In the emotional level of development, we start to connect with others and ask for their approval so as to be able to evaluate who we are. We take into consideration what the others think of us and we seek to understand ourselves through the “reflected” impressions of others.

Sometimes the deactivation of this chakra is connected with the persistence in old complaints and the denial to assimilate new ideas. We prefer safety instead of change, because we tend to believe that we are “incomplete” (compromise). In that way, we try to fill our emptiness by receiving love in the form of pleasure.

If this level of our evolution is blocked, we might feel lonely or cut out – an outcast. Many of us experience the deactivation of the second chakra because we are still trying to moderate our desires and be released from our need for safety. In this level, we are working with our desire for recognition and we are learning how to connect with others in ways that support our own uniqueness.

The second chakra is related to the orange colour, a warm and extending vibration that sends out traits of excitation, optimism, hope and sociability. Orange is a good color that helps us eliminate fear and depression. It can also help the way we approach people and open the way for new discoveries.

Meaning: Connection with others through our emotions, assimilation and letting go of our experience.

Colour: Orange


Gland: Spleen, Liver, Pancreas, Testicles, Ovaries.

Location: Two inches below the navel (also in the area of the abdomen center and the spleen).

Positive “Mottoes” (confirmations)

  1. a) I assimilate the right understanding through my emotions and my senses.
  2. b) I welcome the change and set free anything that I do not need.
  3. c) I am sufficient.
  4. d) I trust the universe to provide me with abundance and prosperity.

The chakra of the Solar Plexus


The chakra of the Solar Plexus is connected to the sense of our personal identity and power. It is related to the subtle emotional and mental body. In the biological level, the Solar Plexus has to do with learning how to stimulate and manage the energy for conscious purposes. In the emotional and mental level we submit and develop who we are and we learn to feel strong within our uniqueness. Here, the emphasis is in learning how to build up our self-esteem and be set free from the role playing games that we feel we are bound to play in our life. When we are blocked in the emotional level, we may feel anger for doing a job that does not express who we are; or because we fulfill the needs of others without satisfying our own. We may also fear to step forward and claim what we need.

In the spiritual level of development, we learn to make conscious choices regarding what we want and to extend who we are, through new abilities and information. Via the Solar Plexus we should use our mind consciously so as to choose and develop a positive image of our self, to build our own values and set up a base of our own personal power.

If we are afraid to let new ideas in, or if we are holding back on old principles, we might be blocked at the mental level of this chakra. If we have a lack of self-confidence or a lack of power, we might feel a loss of energy here. It is well known that self doubts or the belief that we do not deserve the good things in life, might cause butterflies in the stomach. Often, when we try to confront our feelings that deal with self confidence and self acceptance, we develop an imbalance between the two chakras – between the Sacral (2nd chakra) and the Solar Plexus (3rd chakra). Suppressed anger as well as the incompetency to express our personal power can lead to the deactivation of the Sacral and the Solar Plexus chakras.

In the spiritual level, the Solar Plexus chakra can be expressed by saying “I am unique and I walk my path with apparent self confidence”. It is as if you are in a garden, watching the beauty of each flower. They are all beautiful and special. All together, they express the way in which diversity and uniqueness contribute to the beauty of the whole. A block in the spiritual level might emerge through the lack of self confidence; it can also be derived from conflicts that deal with whether it is “right” for a person to believe in himself or not. In the history of Christianity and other religious traditions, “egotism” is believed to be a sin. Many of us carry memories of past lives from older Christian times and face great conflict for self-aggrandizement.

For us, the answer can be found if we try to observe the beauty and the uniqueness of every living creature on earth.

The colour yellow is related to the Solar Plexus. It is a lighter vivifying vibration that carries qualities of joy, optimism and self confidence. These are the qualities that are generally attributed to the sun. Yellow also has the power to help us focus and expand the mind that makes decisions consciously.

Meaning: Self confidence growth and personal power creation.

Colour: Yellow

Note: E

Gland: Suprarenal Glands, Liver, Pancreas.

Location: Two inches above the navel.

Positive “Mottoes” (confirmations)

  1. a) I possess the force and my personal power.
  2. b) I appreciate all my marvelous qualities that make me unique.

The Heart Chakra


The Heart chakra is related to the emotional, mental and spiritual body. Here we learn the value of sympathy towards ourselves and the others; we also experience the truth of Unity of the whole creation. In the biological level, the Heart chakra is connected to our biological heart and blood circulation. Thymus gland, which is also located at the same area, controls our immune system.

In the emotional and mental levels of evolution we have to learn the importance of self acceptance and forgiveness. We will learn to have an attitude free of criticizing ourselves and the others. Many of the people who suffer from heart attacks are perfectionists; they may also feel anger and disapproval of the mistakes of others. The lack of sympathy and an attitude of excessive criticism can deactivate the Heart charka as well as those of the Abdomen and the Solar Plexus. We have to learn to accept our feelings as a part of our existence. Our feelings such as anger, or fear, can often give us instant information for the direct impacts of our choices and decisions. Finally, this information helps us move towards the union with God/Goddess everything that exists than carry on existing in a situation of separation.

In the spiritual level, the heart chakra is connected with the understanding that we are all one; that we live connected not separate from each other. We might deactivate the Heart chakra if we try to oppress our sadness or sorrow when somebody has died or has left us (when we feel separated or alone). Generally, we might lose energy in the Heart Chakra and in the Abdominal chakra. If we suppress our feelings because of the conviction that “expressing ones feelings shows weakness”. Often an apology needs to take place in the heart, particularly self –forgiveness.

The green colour is connected with the heart and it is a softening, balancing vibration that is connected with harmony and sympathy. Frequently, a thought passes through my mind that the reason we are surrounded by so much green in the nature is in order to be taught what balance and sympathy is all about.

Meaning: Development of our sympathy for others and especially for ourselves.

Colour: Green

Musical Note: F

Gland: Thymus Gland

Location: Heart.

Positive “Mottoes” (confirmations)

  1. a) I accept myself totally in the way I am.
  2. b) I am sincerely beloved.

The Throat Chakra


The Throat chakra is related to the emotional, mental and spiritual body; especially to the last two. It is also related to the Solar Plexus chakra, since both areas deal with self -expression. The emphasis regarding the neck is in the expression of our truth and in the creativity and the offer of services to others. In the biological and the emotional level, the fear to express something that has to be said might create blocks that have as a result throat-aches and other problems that have to do with the throat.

In the mental level the Throat chakra is related to our ability to give to others through our creativity; it also has to do with the energetic expression of our knowledge. If we don’t believe that we have something to give or if our creative expression has been blocked, we might lose energy in the throat. Many of us had experiences at school and in the family where our creative expression was restricted drastically. Consequently, now we learn to activate the Throat chakra.

In the spiritual level of evolution, the Throat chakra is related to the services. We learn that offering to others through our uniqueness, is our major function in our existence in life. It has been said that the Throat chakra is connected with the willpower. I believe that our lesson in the Throat chakra it to put in action our will through the service, and make this service a creative expression of our individuality.

The blue color that is connected with the Throat chakra brings mental peace and understanding. Since blue is the colour of the sky, it is also an expression of our inspirations.

Meaning: Speaking our truth, creative expression, offer of service.

Colour: Blue

Musical Note: G

Gland: Thyroid gland

Location: Throat

 Positive “Mottoes” (confirmations)

  1. a) “Now I say what needs to be said.”
  2. b) “I value and express my creativity.”
  3. c) “My aim is to serve others with my unique skills.”

The Third Eye Chakra (Brow)


While the Third Eye chakra is initially connected with the subtle spiritual body, it serves a unique role as a coordinator and regulator in the biological, emotional and mental level of development. This chakra, as well as the Abdominal chakra, complement each other, and they are focused on our connection with life and in the processes of assimilation and expulsion. In the biological level of development in the Third Eye, the Pineal Gland has a regulating function in the body. We may consider the Third Eye as a supervisor of our affairs, while the Solar Plexus often functions as a guardian, and the organs in reality actually execute the commands.

In the emotional and mental level of development, we select consciously and unconsciously the convictions that determine our reality. The Third Eye chakra makes the expression of our convictions possible. Our subconscious mind resides here and often our unconscious recollections from our childhood or from our passed lives deactivate the Third Eye chakra. When we usually work with the balance of the energy, we place a crystal or a precious stone on the Third Eye in order to affect the entire system. It is necessary that the root of change begins here.

In the spiritual level of development, the Third Eye is being used as a catalyst or as a bridge in order to help us connect with our higher spiritual nature. Enorasis (clairvoyance-insight) is our lead. As we are getting connected we fall into the consciousness of unity, we begin to receive additional impressions beyond our five senses and our everyday mind. The insight appears as a calm sense of rightness, even when it is presented in pain. The insightful knowledge comes with a lot of forms such as dreams, colours, symbols, sounds, pictures, feelings, aesthetic impressions and quite often as a simple thought. We can block our insight and deactivate our Third Eye chakra through fear for the unknown, or our conviction that knowledge can be acquired only through the reasonable mind and the biological senses.

The color that is connected with the Τhird Εye is the indigo, which is deep blue with a violet nuance as the colour of the sky in the twilight. The indigo is a very light, refreshing, uplifting vibration that has the attribute of enlarging the intellectual understanding.

Meaning: Regulator and catalyst, the base of thinking and perceiving.

Colour: Indigo

Musical note: A

Gland: Pineal Gland (epiphysis)

Location: Central Forehead (Between the eyebrows)

Positive “Mottoes” (confirmations)

a) “I now release my childhood and the experiences of past lives that do not serve my higher good self.”

b) “I accept the responsibility to create my own reality.”

c) “My insightful connection with my higher spiritual nature is extended and becomes cleaner.”

The Crown Chakra


The Crown chakra is related to our subtle spiritual body. This chakra and the Root chakra share a common focalisation in our basic sense of identity. However, in the Crown we do not give emphasis on our individual uniqueness; here our emphasis is in our universality, in our dissolution in the Unity of All Things. The Crown is where we become “One” again and we are falling into a sense of infinite Peace and Happiness– the Unity of All Life. An imbalance in the Crown chakra often means that at that moment we do not wish to accept guidance from our Higher Self. We are attached to a conviction because it is familiar to us, even if it is painful.

Often the progress to a new level of completion includes the death of some part of us. There are times where we are kept back because of fear for the unknown and we block the love and safety that flow in us from the Crown chakra.

The violet colour is connected with the Crown chakra. It has a vibration that triggers the Alpha-Theta brainwaves. The violet color also promotes the attributes of metamorphosis and overshooting.

Meaning: Immersion into our inner identity of God/Goddess/All that exist.

Colour: Violet

Musical Note: B

Gland: Hypophysis (pituitary gland)

Location: Top of the head.

Positive “Mottoes” (confirmations)

a) “I am falling into the Unity of All Life.”

b) “I act in alignment with my Higher Spiritual Nature.”