Customer testimonials

In Spring 2008, I met Mary Markou, Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing and the method of Cosmic Energy Healing. Luckily for me because at some point my health was shaken by a crisis of Dizziness. I suffered for two whole years. Tragic!!!

Doctors’ opinion – since they could not find the source, they told me that I was now “lumbered with ” it. The treatment according to doctors – very powerful drugs which can only be prescribed by a Psychiatrist.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Mary Markou, who, with your Cosmic Energy Healing made this problem literally disappear!

My life is now beautiful as a have been freed from that nightmare. I live every day to the full, without fear and insecurity of ever reliving it!

Thank you Mary Markou!

Ms. S. Georgia, Optician

The disability in my hand has been reversed my name is Billio P. and I am a doctor. In July 2010, I suffered from a severe neurological lesion (paralysis of the right arm) and underwent a shoulder arthroscopy examination. The diagnosis revealed inflammation of the right brachial plexus which was probably due to intermolecular blockade (anesthesia).

Then I could not move my hand apart from my fingers and bend my elbow

I also suffered from terrible pains, and on occasion feeling at that point (numbness) and hypersensitivity in all my hand. In August 2010, I started medication: vitamin B, corticosteroids, analgesics, antidepressant pills, pregabalin and all this in combination with physiotherapy.

In October of the same year, I also started hyperbaric oxygen therapy. After 6 months of treatment, I had a small neurological improvement, but the prognosis was uncertain. My doctors explained that it was a rare complication for which there was not enough evidence. At that time, a girlfriend told me about Cosmic Energy Healing and introduced me to Mary Markou Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing. At that time, I did not know much about energy healing. At first, I began it reluctantly, along with my existing treatment (pills – physiotherapy). It was an unfamiliar experience for me as I discovered that this method is not only based on physical but also on spiritual health in order to heal both the body and the mind. To my great surprise, I had a huge improvement in my neurological and muscular system over the previous months, which also helped systematic physiotherapy.

After one year I have recovered completely, and I can move my hand again. I firmly believe that energy healing has greatly contributed to this result by giving a boost to my body for the restoration of my hand.

Billio P., Doctor

I have seen the end of Back Pain and the Recovery of my spiritual strength. My first contact with Cosmic Energy Healing was 2.5 years ago. The recommendation came from a good friend and it found me at a time in my life when I was not well physically and psychologically. I started the treatment without expecting anything special … My mistake … The first results were not late in coming.

I have suffered from back pain and neck ache for many years which very often led to very bad headaches. After the first 10 days I felt much better physically. As far as the psychological level is concerned, it helped me a lot, because through the treatment you see the “bad” side of yourself and you can work on this in a constructive way.

You are given another perspective through which if you really want to help yourself, you can. I have to admit that at the beginning of the treatment I was reticent to negative. But I did see beneficial results which left no room for doubt.

Cosmic Energy Healing has helped me a lot. It has made me realize the magnitude of the power within me (and within each of us, of course). An amazing “weapon” that can give such a boost to our lives and make us live the life we ​​deserve. I highly recommend it to everyone! This message would be half without mentioning my therapist Mary Markou, Progressor of

Cosmic Energy Healing to whom I owe so much and whom I recommend unreservedly.

Apostolis B., Hotelier

The Cosmic Energy Healing method applied on me by Mary Markou Progressor of Cosmic Energy Healing was generally an incredible experience. After the first session, amazing things began to happen to me. I have to admit that the sessions helped me regain my self-confidence and to improve spiritually and professionally to such an extent that I feel as though I can go after everything I’ve ever dreamed of and that is what has really happened.

I recommend everyone to attend these sessions so that they can realize all their dreams … what I experienced was so earth-shaking that I wanted to shed tears of joy, which has rarely happened to me since I was an extremely inhibited man.

Now, I feel so different and authentic that I am experiencing all my emotions.

So, Mary Markou you did it!

Greg. C., Film & TV Producer

I met Mary Markou about four years ago. At that time, I was already a psychologist and I was training in physical psychotherapy while at the same time I did postgraduate studies in Consciousness & “Transpersonal” psychology.

I have always been open to holistic healing approaches and searching for methods that probe deep in both the soul and the body, since they are interrelated and therefore inevitably affect each other.

When Mary talked about Cosmic Energy Healing I was thrilled by the theoretical background of the method and the healing possibilities that seemed to be available, and I decided to seize the opportunity presented to me by putting myself as a test animal, as scientists do (Hahaha)!

I attended a total of three sets of courses a period of 6 months (each cycle consists of 12 sessions).

Soon, many of my spiritual issues had not only begun to be put in order, but also with the help of psychotherapeutic sessions (which I had been attending for my job anyway) began to be solved. Issues that someone might normally need at least 2 years of psychotherapy to heal became transformed within just 6 months (the combination of Cosmic Energy Healing and psychotherapy proved to be very powerful indeed!).

Apart from the psychological issues with which I was working on at that time, I had to deal with HPV (warts). The biggest surprise for me was when I visited my doctor after the end of the sessions and the virus could no longer be diagnosed. Two years on and my examinations show that I continue to be clear of this!

I both benefited and was so fascinated by this healing method that I recommended it to my mother, who attended a number of sessions and this helped her a lot (but I shall let her talk of this herself if she so wishes) and I myself was taught a small part of Level 1 to use for my own personal development and healing.

So, the slogan is HEAL YOURSELF AND OTHERS!!

I am delighted that mankind has now been given pioneering methods so as to be able to live a happier and healthier life.