What they Say

Goodbye Vertigo.
Four years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet Mary Markou and this is when I discovered Cosmic Energy healing. I say fortunate because at the time I was suffering from very serious vertigo episodes. In fact, I had been suffering for two whole years. My life was very difficult. Goodbye vertigo The doctors’ prognosis, not having found the actual cause of my problem, was bleak. They told me that “I just had to learn to live with vertigo.” The recommended treatment was with strong medication to be prescribed only by a psychiatrist. I wholeheartedly thank Mary Markou, from the bottom of my heart. She used Cosmic Energy healing to literally eliminate vertigo from my body. I am now able to live a beautiful and carefree life once again. I cherish every day to the fullest without fear of losing the ground under my feet. Thank you Mary Markou.
How I overcame my neck and back pain.
I first came across Cosmic Energy healing two and a half years ago. At the time I was going through rough time both physically and mentally and a good friend of mine recommended it. I started the healing sessions without expecting much. That was a big miscalculation. I felt the first signs of recovery very soon. Over the past ten years, I have been tormented with neck and back pain resulting in frequent and severe headaches. I improved physically in just ten days. I felt I benefitted on a psychological level as well, as the healing process helps you see your shortcomings in a much clearer light and therefore you are able to work on them more constructively. You are given a different perspective on things which allows you to help yourself. if you REALLY want to. I confess that when I first started the sessions I was quite hesitant, negative even. I but I couldn’t dyny the results and the benefits I experienced. Cosmic Energy healing has helped me a great deal. It made me realise the magnitude of the power within me (and in each one of us, of course). It is a formidable “weapon” which can stimulate our loves and give us the incentive to lead the lives we deserve. I highly recommend it! My testimonial would not be complete without mentioning my healder, Mary Markou, to whom I owe a great deal and recommend unequivocally.
Bilio P.Medical Doctor & Pediatrician
I overcame my disability.
My name is Bilio P. and I am a doctor. In July 2010, I suffered from a severe neurological impairment (right arm paralysis) after a shoulder arthroscopy. The diagnosis was this: right brachial plexus inflammation possibly due to the interscalene block (anesthesia). Since then I have been unable to move my arm, except from the fingers, and to bend my elbow. I also have suffered acute pain, numbness and hypersensitivity radiating to the whole arm. In August, I started taking medications: vitamin B complex, corticosteroids, analgesics, antidepressants. pregabalin. I combined all these with physiotherapy. In October of the same year I also started sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. After six months of therapy I had little neurological improvement and the prognosis was uncertain. My doctors explained to me that it was a rare complication and there wasn’t enough information about it. At that time a friend mentioned Cosmic Energy healing and she introduced me to the therapists Mrs Mary Markou. Until then I knew very little about energy healing. I started sessions (Reconnection) hesitantly at first and in parallel with my existing treatment. It was a brand new experience for me as I discovered that this method was based not only to the physical but also to the spiritual health so as to heal both body and mind. Surprisingly, I saw a lot more improvement on my neurological situation and muscle strength than I had seen the six previous months – a result that was enhanced by the systematic physiotherapy. A year later I have almost recovered totally and my arm is functioning again. I strongly believe that the energy sessions contributed to this result, giving my body a big boost to heal itself.
Greg C.Television Producer
An incredible experience.
Cosmic Energy, a healing method which Mary Markou practices, was for me an incredible experience. After our first session, amazing things started happening to me, one after the other. I have to admit that the sessions helped me to regain my self-confidence, to improve myself mentally but also professionally to such a level so that I feel I can achieve my dreams. And this is exactly what happened. I would advise everyone to have energy sessions so that they can ahieve their dreams … my experience was so powerful that I wanted to cry from happines which was rather strange as I never used to cry nor express my feelings. Now, I feel different, in a way my real me. I can live my emotions. This is all Mary’s work!