“Spit it Out” – Alkaline Nutrition

//“Spit it Out” – Alkaline Nutrition

“Spit it Out” – Alkaline Nutrition


In the past, before the “outbreak” of the contemporary lifestyle, most people used to have an Alkaline Diet.
Today, obesity and over 50 prevalent diseases are due to modern eating habits.
Mary Markou, alternative therapist of Cosmic-energy Healing, whose book is the book to read on this diet and how to cook it, reveals enlightening little-known truths about nutrition and the food industry …

…bringing to light what is really going on today re: diet and what is being put on our table.
Hence, the pun in the title, “Spit it out!” Alkaline Nutrition. The book makes for an easy and pleasant read; nonetheless, it uncovers what we really put in our body and recommends we turn to a holistic diet.

With the help of Chef Nikos Papaioannou, there are 80 wonderful recipes including how to lose weight, if you so wish to WITHOUT the need to diet.

The key to a happy and healthy life can be found within the pages of this book.

The chef, Nikos Papaioannou- introduces you to truly delicious nutritious meals so as to bring back remedial gastronomy to the kitchen. His passion inspired him to create a 28 -day five -meal a day plan along with 80 simple and delicious Alkaline diet recipes and a shopping cart for every week.

Forget what you knew about fasting, dieting and calories.

Find what you really need to know here and enjoy!

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“Spit it out!”
Alkaline Diet

A History of the Global Hysteria of Diet!


Premium Colored Edition Paperback

Black & White  Edition Paperback

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USA – Canada – America

Premium Colored Edition Paperback

Black & White  Edition Paperback

Kindle Edition


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