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Dora Konstanta

I had always considered having studied computer programming in Germany and my career in the bank as a satisfactory personal development.

However, attending lessons in psychology and a series of personal development and self-awareness seminars altered my view and paved the way for the journey into the inner-self.

My need for self-improvement together with some personal difficulties that I had faced led me to attend sessions in Cosmic Energy Healing.

The immediate cleansing treatment of the method was impressive and prompted me to follow the training courses of the method with Progressor Mary Markou. I then joined her dynamic team, wanting to offer other people what I had been offered: a life-changing experience!

Today I am a healer of Cosmic Energy Healing – certified in Cyprus by THE COSMIC ENERGY HEALING LTD | LONDON.

 Sessions of Cosmic Energy Healing

◆ individual – face to face
◆ individual via skype


◆ group

Sessions last for 60 minutes and take place at the Cosmic Energy Balance Center in Limassol, which I run.


Contact number: +35799748454

Address: Ioannis Stylianou 5, 3080 Limassol



Dora Constance Limassol


Level 3

Sessions: Face-to-face & Skype

Languages: English, German and Greek