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Georgia Hampa

My name is Georgia Hampa, Cosmic Energy Healer of Cosmic Energy Healing certified by THE COSMIC ENERGY HEALING LTD / LONDON.

I am a Physiotherapist and I graduated in 1996 from the school of Professional Health and Welfare Athens (TEI), and I have been a BOWTECH therapist since 2014.

I am so grateful that at some point in my career I learned of the existence of Cosmic Energy Healing which happened totally by chance in April 2016.

I set about training in it and then began teaching it.

Since then, I have been readily applying it to myself and to those around me.

Yes, my experience of Cosmic Energy Healing so far is that it is highly effective as it involves the holistic approach to a human.

WHO (The World Health Organization) defines health as “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Cosmic Energy Healing is a system which is worthy of the above definition being a scientific method applicably based on the laws of Quantum Physics.

Therefore, it has already laid the foundations for the New Medicine of the present, and for the Medicine of the Future. It is a treatment which not only deals with health problems but gets to the very root of them. A drug-free treatment in which each person is treated as a separate spiritual-psychic-physical being.

Sessions of Cosmic Energy Healing

* Individual – face to face
* Individual via Skype
* Group

The sessions last one hour and thirty minutes and take place at my healing center AKESO, in Chania, Crete


Contact: 2821091101, 6974905492

Address: Stavrianou Polenda & Perivolion 27, Chania



Georgia Hampa – Chania

Level 3

Sessions: Face-to-face & Skype

Languages: English & Greek