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Lito Poulli

Born in Cyprus, since my younger years I used to explore and discover the hidden worlds of the spiritual agnostic and cosmic energy.


During my studies in Greece in the field of audiovisual arts, I began to further develop the theory that our body is much more complex than we believe. After attending many Psychology and Personal Development seminars, and after experimenting with many alternative therapy methods, I met the art of Cosmic Energy Healing through Progressor and Tutor Mary Markou.

Being fully satisfied with the results of the method, in April 2016 I received the first Therapist degree certificate from the certified school The Cosmic Energy Healing | Ltd, London. Since then, and having been in the possession of the 3rd Level of the method, I have been applying it to both personal and professional levels. Cosmic Energy Healing is a safe, non-medicated method that combines Holistic Therapy, Psychology and Medicine, and is also based on the principles of Quantum Physics. Soul, body and spirit come first to work together to completely eliminate the real reasons that cause us health problems in the first place. Give yourself a chance to have a delightful journey of self-healing and personal development. Cosmic Energy Healing Sessions 

  • Private session – €30
  • Private via Skype – €30
  • Couple – €25 (per person)
  • 3 or more persons – €20 (per person)
  • Diagnostic Session – €65 (Private only)

Telephone Number:  +35799831771

The duration of a session is 1 hour and 20 minutes.  The duration of a diagnostic session varies between 2 and 4 hours accordingly.  

A complete course of Cosmic Energy Healing consists of 12 sessions and it usually lasts one or two months. You can, however, choose the number of sessions you think you want to do whether it is less than 12 or much more.