Mary has put together an eclectic list of seminars that she frequently delivers. Please have a look at the list below and drop us a line if you could like to know more or would like to book your seat.


Workshop Duration: 2 day, 5 hours per day.

You can have whatever you want! It’s true.

Our mind can create the reality that we wish and desire. We just need to know how to direct it.
It’s widely accepted by most scientific circles that energy creates reality. In this workshop you will learn how to use the power of your mind, how to access the quantum field in you and start materialising your dreams today.
Join me and I’ll show you how to achieve this, in only 6 hours.
It’s an easy and fun workshop and you will start seeing results from the very first week of using the techniques.

Written material will be provided.
Tea and coffee as well as light snacks will be available.

Workshop Duration: 3 days, 5 hours per day

This three-day workshop is aimed at professional therapists. The objective is three-fold:
1. You will learn yourself how to use Creative Visualisation to achieve your goals and
2. You will learn how to conduct a Creative Visualisation workshop for your business.

In this 3 day, 15 hour, intensive workshop you will learn about how the mind works and you will be trained on the safe techniques to lock its power. The goals is to learn how to make your dreams, and those of your clients, come true. A secret is revealed, how to live the life of your dreams.
Unlock the power within!

Workshop Schedule:

Day One
Α) How the Mind Works
Β) How to Find What You Truly Desire
C) Paravoles, Reality and Subconscious
D) Analysis of the Quantum Field and Ways to Direct it
Ε) Put What you Learned into Practice

Day Two
Α) Expectations and Results.
Β) Targetting and Disengagement
D) Emotion and Reality.
D) Put What you Learned into Practice

Day Three
Α) You can start using visualisation professionally.

Written material will be provided.
Tea and coffee as well as light snacks will be available.

Note: A certificate of attendance will be provided.
Upon completing the workshop you will be able to teach this workshop yourself.