My Story

Back in April 2005, I had an extremely rewarding and satisfying career as a voice-over artist. However, my personal life had been quite the opposite as I had been deeply hurt after having gone through a difficult divorce with a man whom I’d believed I would have spent the rest of my life with, but at least my career was going well.
I had quite obviously been in denial…

It was about 9 o’clock in the morning, I had just made a coffee (back then I still smoked and drank coffee), while getting ready to start my day in the sound studios in Athens. I checked my agenda for the day’s schedule: 1st voice over – for Cosmopolitan Magazine 10.30 am.
I lit a cigarette and went to pick up my coffee to take a sip … but, I was immobilized by the pain!
Pain I had never experienced before. Without knowing what I could possibly have done to cause this, the pain on my back was agonizing!

I told myself that I had to shrug it off and that it would pass, so I pulled myself together as best as I could and set off to work.
But the pain just kept getting worse.
In the studio, on every breath I was wracked in pain, unable to utter a word and therefore, obviously unable to perform.
The sound engineer realized that something was really wrong.

“I can see that you are in no fit state to record” – he said to me.
I remember so well my answer heavily laden with ironic irritation – “No, really!? – And there is not much I can do about it, is there?”
George then answered that he could do something, though.

“Oh, please don’t tell me you are going to try massage, you’ll only make it worse!
“Oh, just trust me!” went the conversation.
To my surprise George had me stand up in front of him, with my back turned. Then he held his palm at a distance of about 10cms from my waist without actually touching me, and I began to feel an intense, but pleasant, heat.

I was stunned. I knew even then, that I was experiencing something that could change my life.

I remember so well asking myself the question: Could the need that we all have for a simple and quick healing system really exist!?
This procedure did not last for more than 3-4 minutes and within a matter of 10-15 minutes the awful, agonizing pain had gone.

I was both amazed and overjoyed!
After having given one of my best ever voice-overs, I rushed straight over to George.
I needed answers.
George, the sound engineer held an amazing healing secret in his hands, and I had no idea just how amazing. But I had every intention of finding out!

He explained that he had performed Reiki on me and I bombarded him with questions:
“What is it exactly?”
“Can I learn how it’s done?”
“Do you have any information on it?”
George patiently answered my questions and suggested some reading material.
Well, in less than a month I had got my First Degree in Reiki and the journey had begun!
From the very beginning I was in deep. I realized that everything I had known so far had been turned upside down.
In reality, what I was learning about had always existed, but I, just like billions of other people, was not aware of it.

I thought that I was so clever that I knew all there was to know.
I can tell you I had been shaken to the very core!

I remember mulling over so many things at that time – my mind had been racing:
“Now what?
What should I do?
How could I come to terms with my new knowledge and how it made me feel?
Would I lose my friends?
Would I lose my job?
Would everyone think I had gone insane?
Perhaps, I had …. a little … since others held a very different worldview from mine.”

It was actually much later that I learned of Einstein’s view of madness. That insanity is not defined as: the one who disagrees with the many, but “the one who does the same thing over and over again expecting to achieve different results.” I cannot tell you how relieved I was to learn this – better late than never!

On my attaining 1st degree Reiki, I was then able to start using my knowledge for therapizing people. This, coupled with the total and constant involvement in the search within (i.e. meditation, spiritual groups, research and study), not only soon led me to achieve the 2nd Degree, but also to the conclusion that maybe this was my real path in life.

I now accepted that humans are made up of two parts -our physical body (i.e. flesh and bone), and our energy body (i.e. chakra and aura) which are interdependent/interconnected and are separated only at death.

Our physical body is, of course, visible and that which we are aware of with its specific biological functions whereas, our energy body is the place where all the information about our very existence is recorded.

They work together like a perfect computer, exchanging information every second.
It transpires that the cause of what happens in our natural and spiritual world is hidden in our energy field. Therefore, if we want to change something, all we need to do is intervene there.

I once read: “When something happens, it is not about what we have to do, but what we have to learn from it.” So, I quickly set about looking for new methods which were simpler and yet more powerful, more efficient and expatiate.

After I had got the 2nd Degree in Reiki and after having applied it to quite a few people, including myself, I began to find the system somewhat harsh in therapy and somewhat slow in relation to the awareness that I wished to achieve.

A month later, I decided to try Feng Shui at home. A friend of mine had highly recommended a girl from Serbia to do this for me and quite soon this tall beautiful blonde had changed all the décor in my home.

“- So, you are Reiki therapist.” She said pointing at my certificate.

“- Actually, I work in the media doing voice-overs in TV and radio ads.” I answered – not really wanting to talk about my status – “I am an amateur.”

“Well, I am a professional.
I practice an energy art called Cosmic-Energy Therapy. Why don’t you come down and try it?” She told me.
Well, I had originally responded with that I preferred not to have too many irons in the fire … but, no more than a fortnight later, 5-6 people including myself were under the power of cosmic frequencies at her place!
And that was that!

My new journey had begun!

I immediately set about studying it.

It was not as simple for me as learning Reiki had been, this required much study and practice. This system has its roots in Tibet, but after having been for a long time in the hands of the Russians, it had been transformed into a new science based on quantum physics.

Hence, I chose a Russian teacher and began to study the higher subtle spiritual world, the hierarchical systems, the exchange of energy-information, quanta and a great deal about the truly miraculous works of the Universe.

It was then that a new need was born.

When it came to Cosmic-energy as an application all was well and good, but what about those who wanted to learn the method?
Greece is a small place with more than a few restrictions, but the method by its nature is extremely powerful and like an untamed horse it wants to roam freely.

“Ask and you shall be given.”
I knew exactly what I had to do.
I just asked the universe for there to be no obstacle in the implementation and dissemination of this energy technique.

The UK provided the solution.

The UK, where the value and utility of the method had immediately been acknowledged, has a great deal of knowledge and experience in alternative therapies.
I was accepted in the UK as both a resident and energy therapist, giving me the opportunity to be recognized as a Full Member of the BCMA.

And so, the journey continues …
For the moment, I seek to apply the method to whoever needs it, teach and lecture in as many places as possible, so that people all over can learn of it, and of course, to travel with my loved ones as often as possible throughout our beautiful planet.

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